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How to update a Location
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  • Change the address for a Location

  • Modify or Edit the address, or email for a Location

  • Update the Bill To Section of a Purchase order or Bill

  • Can I have More Than One Shipping Address Per Location?

In this article, we refer to "Location" and "Department". Due to customization of organizational categories, you may see different text instead of the default "Location" and "Department". Learn more about organizational categories

The following steps can only be performed by Superusers or users with customized access to settings.


  1. Select Settings from the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select Manage Location.

  3. Find and select the Location you intend to update

  4. Select the


    button on the far right-hand side of the page.

  5. Choose Edit Location.

  6. Update/add details as applicable, including the Company and Shipping Addresses.

  7. Once done, select Save Changes

Best Practice: Complete the Label fields with unique names for each address as these addresses are selectable options for Billing and Shipping Addresses when creating Purchase Orders.

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