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How to add or change your profile picture
How to add or change your profile picture
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  • Add a profile picture in Procurify

  • Change/update profile picture

  • How to change your profile picture on Procurify Mobile

  • How to remove photo

On Procurify Web:

  1. Click your profile picture/icon in the top right, then click on your name

  2. Click Add Photo/Replace

  3. Choose the file from your computer and select Open

  4. Click Crop

  5. Click Save Changes

On the Procurify Mobile App:

  1. Tap the Settings Icon shown in the top left of the home page

  2. Tap the profile picture (or if you don't have a profile picture, tap on your initials)

  3. Tap Take a photo or use a Gallery photo

    • If using a gallery photo, select the photo from your device.

  4. Once you select a photo it will automatically add to your profile picture

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