Troubleshooting Single Sign-on
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Have you followed the steps on the Single Sign-on overview page but still have difficulties? This article will help troubleshoot common problems and answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm trying to set up Single Sign-on, but I don't see the link on the Settings page in Procurify.

If you cannot see Single Sign-on in the Settings section of Procurify, select Contact Us at the top right of the webpage. We'll get you in touch with your account manager to enable Single Sign-on.

I followed the steps, but I'm unable to use Single Sign-on

Ensure you have completed the following:

  1. Ensure that you have properly copied and pasted your account info between your Single Sign-on provider and Procurify. If an error was made along the way, you may need to reconfigure your Single Sign-on.

  2. Ensure that you provided access to Procurify from your Single Sign-on provider.

  3. Ensure that your Single Sign-on account's email matches the email associated with your Procurify account.

After setting up Single Sign-on, I cannot sign on with my email and password.

Once your Single Sign-on setup is complete, all passwords (with the exception of the setup user) are deleted from Procurify and cannot be used to sign in. Sign-in must go through your Single Sign-on provider for web and mobile logins.

I'm trying to set up Single Sign-on, but the instructions on Procurify don't match what I see on my Single Sign-on platform.

We do our best to keep up with Azure and Okta's setup changes but might not always catch them as they go live. If something doesn't look right on our setup guide, please select Contact Us at the top right of the webpage, and let us know. We'll take a look and make sure we have the most accurate info on our knowledge base.

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