FAQ: Single Sign-on (SSO)
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What kind of SSO are available?

Procurify works with the following Single Sign-On providers.

  1. Okta

  2. Azure

  3. onelogin

To use Okta or Azure, please reach out to a Procurify Customer Success Manager to set this up on your domain.

Can SSO be used with PunchOuts?

Yes! Amazon PunchOut functions independently and is not impacted by SSO.

Can Single Sign-on (SSO) login be used on Mobile?

Yes! If SSO is enabled on your domain, users can use this to log into the Procurify mobile app.

Can some users use SSO and others use passwords?

Azure, OKTA, and other SSO providers require that all users use SSO. Email/password login options will not be available for sign-in. If you attempt to log in using an email address and password, you will see an error message prompting you to sign in using your SSO.

Can more than one SSO option be used to log into Procurify?

It is not possible to use multiple SSO providers at the same time.

Does SSO work with multiple domains?

Yes, SSO works with multiple domains, and you can continue using the dropdown domain switch feature located at the top right of the navigation bar. SSO users will receive an email invitation for each domain they are added to.

Can SSO be used to provision and de-provision users?

No, SSO cannot be used to remove and add users to Procurify.

Can Azure be activated from a mobile browser?

A superuser can't do the initial setup on a mobile phone. However, a user can accept an invite for Azure via a mobile browser.

Will activating SSO make any configuration changes in Procurify?

SSO activation only impacts login and user management processes (password change disabled, password login disabled, etc.) and does not impact workflows in Procurify.

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