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How to assign Azure users to Procurify
How to assign Azure users to Procurify
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Best Practice: Read before Enabling Single Sign-on

  • Single sign-on (SSO) must be enabled for all users.

  • Users can immediately access Procurify using their SSO credentials right after SSO is configured on their domain. No email setup link is required.

  • Please note, these steps are dependent on your Single Sign-on provider and may change without notice. Always refer to your Single Sign-on provider for the latest instructions.

  • After setting up SSO for your domain, you must provide access to Procurify for every user that will be using Azure to sign in.


  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Azure portal with an administrator account. From the left side menu, select the Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) button, followed by the Enterprise Applications button. From this page, click on the app that you created for Procurify - Web.

  2. From the left-hand menu, select Users and Groups, followed by the Add User button.

    • Users will need both a Procurify and an Azure account with the same email address to access Procurify. For instructions on how to create a user in Procurify, click here. For instructions on how to create a user in Azure, click here.


3. After selecting your users, click the Assign button to grant them access to Procurify.

For Microsoft Azure, you do not need to assign users for the native app. Once you have finished the setup for the web, all setup steps have been completed.

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