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How to setup the OneLogin SSO integration with Procurify
How to setup the OneLogin SSO integration with Procurify
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The following article outlines how to set up OneLogin SSO with Procurify. You must be a Superuser to set up SSO integrations.


  1. Access your OneLogin Administration portal and select Apps.

  2. Select Add App to add a new app.

    Search for OpenId Connect
  3. Search for “OpenId Connect” or “oidc” then select the OpenId Connect (OIDC) app

    Search for OpenId Connect
  4. Name the app and click Save.

    Search for OpenId Connect
  5. On the Configuration tab, copy the following URL: into the Login redirect URI field. This is where OneLogin sends the authentication response and ID token.

    Search for OpenId Connect
  6. On the SSO tab, copy the Client ID. Copy the OpenID Configuration URL by clicking the link in the screenshot below. In Procurify, select SETTINGS →Single Sign-On Preferences, and select SET UP under onelogin. Paste the Client ID and the OpenID Configuration URL into the available fields Select SAVE.


Give Users Access to Your App in OneLogin

To provide users access to your app in OneLogin, return to the app configuration page in OneLogin and go to the Access tab. Assign the OneLogin roles that require access to the app and provide any app security policy that you require.

For example, create an app policy that requires multi-factor authentication.

Go to Users → All Users to add the app to individual user accounts.

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