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How do I change my email address in Procurify?
How do I change my email address in Procurify?
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  • Change email address in Procurify account.

  • How to edit my email

  • How do I edit my email

  • How do I update my email

  • Can I update my email?

  • Updating an email address

  • Change user email

  • How to Change user email

The following article outlines how to update a user's email address. Only Superusers can update an email.


  1. On the left-hand navigation bar, select Settings.

  2. Click on Manage Users.

  3. Search the user and click on Profile.

  4. Click Edit Information.

  5. Update the Email field.

  6. Select Save Changes.

The user in question will receive an email notification asking them to change their password. They can either ignore the email or update their password. In either case, the email address will have been updated.

If you are receiving an error message stating "An expected error has occurred" while trying to change a user email, please check that no other users are already using the same email address.

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