What are Organizational Categories?
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  • Understanding Customized Organization Categories

  • What are the Location, Department fields?

Procurify organizes users, requests, and other components with a system of Organizational Categories. There are two levels of organizational categories: primary and secondary.

Location and Department are the default organizational categories. These can be customized to match your organizational structure.

If you don't see the labels Location and Departments in your Procurify domain, your domain utilizes customized category labels.

Below is an image of an instance with the default category labels, Location and Department.

The image below is an instance with customized category labels, Project and Teams

Interface Differences

If organizational categories have been customized, your interface text may differ. Pages, buttons, and tabs in your account may appear different than in our Knowledge Base and other resources.

These include, but are not limited to, catalog tags, account code access, setting up approval routings, user permissions etc.

Changing your organizational categories will also impact your workflow for importing data into Procurify.

Best Practice: It is important that you inform your teams if your Procurify instance has customized organizational categories so that they can understand Knowledge Base articles accordingly.

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