Configuring NetSuite Outbound Data Flows
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Outbound Data Flow Requirements

  • The following article outlines how to automate outbound data flows for Vendors, Accounts, and Payment Terms to Procurify. It is recommended that outbound data flows sync once a day.

  • The instructions below assume that you have enabled the applicable Account Codes to Sync from NetSuite; click here to learn more.

1. In NetSuite, hover over the Procurify tab → Configurations and select Configuration


2. On the Procurify Configurations page, select Settings next to the appropriate domain

3. Click the tab Outbound Data Flows and select Schedule/Execute under the Action column for either the Account, Vendor or Payment Term.


4. Select Edit


5. Update the Status drop-down on the right-hand side from Not Scheduled to Scheduled to automate your sync. If you'd prefer to sync your data manually, set the Status drop-down to Not Scheduled.


6. Select the checkbox titled Deployed on the left-hand side of the screen


7. At the bottom of the screen, update the Schedule to match your desired timeline. Select either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. As Vendors, Accounts and Items sync instantly when created or modified with the Sync to Procurify checkbox enabled, we recommend having the Scheduled syncs on Outbound Data Flows on a Daily or Weekly schedule. Enter a Start Date and select Save. If you wish to update the sync manually, select Single Event and Save.


8. Repeat steps 1-7 to schedule an outbound data flow for the other object types (Vendors, Payment Terms, and Accounts) until all three have been assigned and configured.

After configuring outbound data flows, continue the setup process by Configuring Inbound Data Flows.

Additional Information:

  • The Active checkbox allows you to turn off the sync between NetSuite and Procurify.

  • As NetSuite dictates, both Inbound and Outbound schedules will NOT run as scheduled in the NetSuite sandbox. Any inbound syncs will have to be run manually, and any outbound syncs will either be run when you save the account/vendor/payment term record in NetSuite or run the sync manually.

  • If you do not see the Procurify tab in NetSuite, click here.

  • For more information on the NetSuite Integration, click here.

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