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How to disable test mode on Amazon PunchOut
How to disable test mode on Amazon PunchOut
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  • Ability to make Live orders with Amazon Punchout

  • Disabling Test Mode on Amazon Punchout

  • Activating Amazon Punchout

  • Amazon Punchout Set-Up guide

If you are still in the testing phase, please ensure that Amazon test mode is enabled. Enabling Live orders to be made on Amazon PunchOut will require you to disable Test Mode in Amazon PunchOut Settings.


  1. In Amazon, select Business Settings

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see System Integrations

  3. Select Purchasing System

  4. Click Switch to Active Mode


Additional Information:

  • You must be an Administrator in Amazon Business adjust Amazon Business Settings.

  • For more information on Amazon Integration, click here.

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