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How to process payments through Bill Payments
How to process payments through Bill Payments
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  • The following article outlines how to pay fully approved bill payments.

This feature is only available to customers that have a US bank account.


  1. On the left-hand navigation bar, select the Accounts Payable tab.

  2. Select Manage Bills.

  3. Select the Approved tab at the top of the screen. Only fully approved Bills can be processed for payment.

  4. Locate the Bill and select the Prepare Payment button.

  5. From the Pay From field, select the Financial Account.

  6. From the Select a Vendor Payment Method field dropdown, select the appropriate payment method. If none is available, select the Add Vendor Payment Method link.

  7. When ready, select the Submit button.

  8. On the left-hand side, under Accounts Payable -> Payment, select Process Payments.

  9. A Pay Bill button will appear to the right of any fully approved payments. If you do not see this button, the payment is not ready for payment. Select the Pay Bill button.

  10. A pop-up window will appear that will display the payment details. Review the payment information and select the Pay Now button when ready.

Voila! You have submitted for payment to be made out to your vendor. Payments take up to 5 business days to process.

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