How to flag Purchase Order items
Updated over a week ago

Looking to organize your Purchase Orders as you create them? Need a temporary marker to remind you where you left off? Flags provide you with the flexibility to tag your Purchase Order Items however you want to. Flags exist solely within the Procure tab, and are visible for all Purchasers within your organization, allowing for collaborative work across all accounts.

1. At the Purchase stage, add Flags by hovering your cursor next to the Pending Order Item's order number. Click on the Flag that appears, and select your desired Flag from the menu.

  • This Flag will follow the item to the following pages: Purchasing List, Create Purchase Order, Purchase Order Details, and Purchase Orders.

2. Flags can be used to Filter your Pending Order Items. Select your Flag from the Filter dropdown to show only the Pending Order Items that have your chosen Flag.


Note: Flags are not permanent, and can be changed or removed from any of the above-listed pages.

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