Procurify Academy: User Training
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Procurify Academy video training modules

Procurify Academy contains short training guides to assist you and your team in getting started with Procurify.

Important: When accessing Procurify Academy for the first time, please create a new login by clicking login in the top right, then clicking "Don't have an account? Create a new one"

The Procurify Academy login is not linked to your Procurify login

How to access Procurify Academy

  1. Visit Procurify Academy at Select the Login button at the top right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Select the Section and Guide you are interested in learning. You will be prompted to log in if you are not logged in.

    • If this is your first time accessing Procurify Academy, select Don't have an account? Create one now

  3. Select Get Started to begin taking the course.

Return to the Procurify Academy homepage to view the entire catalog of courses.

For customers who are onboarding with Procurify: ask your Implementation Manager for a Training progress report to track your team's learning.

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